Pedro Stiassni
Pedro Stiassni

Professional Strengths

Management: An Experienced hands-on manager with highly developed negotiating skills, problem-solving skills, and delegating responsibility to others. Experienced in dealing with and understanding the needs of management.


Leadership: Professional leader by example with the ability to effectively communicate and motivate key objectives to peers and clients in a multicultural environment.  Proven track record to bring out the best in teammates, associates, and others with a sincere desire to improve learning and social skills.


Multitasking: Unique ability to effectively perform several tasks at one time while staying focused on the goal. Able to accomplish more than one assignment at any one time when required. Confident in making on-the-spot decisions.


Implementing environmental policies and practices: committed to being a responsible environmental steward through the consideration of the environment in all the business practices, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, using environmentally beneficial products and services, and sustainably using resources.


Liaising with internal staff including senior managers and directors: providing technical or subject matter expertise in the organization. Also, as an embedded liaison into another organization to provide face-to-face coordination. Notable ability to pass information within different levels of management and hourly employees. 


Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation: Managing monitoring programs or schedules, ensuring that the monitoring required in the permit has been done, at the correct locations, for the right parameters, and at the correct frequency. Pre-processing, performing calculations, and validating the data for compliance with any alert or reporting levels. Generating regular compliance reports for authorities.


Providing environmental training to staff at all levels: Environmental and Safety Trainer with the unique ability to successfully train and motivate others in environmental and safety issues.


Auditing, analyzing, and collating environmental performance data: Environmental auditor responsible for overseeing the environmental performance of the organization. Developing, implementing, and monitoring environmental strategies, policies, and programs that promote sustainable development by reporting information to internal staff, clients, and regulatory bodies.


Complex Problem Solving: Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

Project Manager - Professional Environmental Engineer - Pedro Stiassni
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